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Horrible Histories: The Movie – Rotten Romans

Roman teenager Atti is compelled to hitch the Roman military when certainly one of his intelligent schemes falls foul of Emperor Nero. He’s despatched to “depressing, chilly, moist Britain” the place “the natives are revolting – fairly actually”. Issues go from dangerous to worse when Atti is captured by Orla, a feisty teenage Celt determined to show herself as a warrior. After narrowly avoiding a really sticky finish in a lavatory, Atti makes use of his Roman know-how to assist Orla save her gran who’s been kidnapped by a rival tribe. In the meantime a livid Nero is decided to crush the riot, led by Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni. Atti rejoins his Roman troops and discovers they’re making ready for an historic showdown with the Celts on the Battle of Watling Road. Atti’s brains may save the day however they might additionally spell catastrophe for Orla as the 2 new mates discover themselves lined up on reverse sides of the battlefield.

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