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Many American CIA brokers possess their very own identities compromised. Most of them are recorded all through the town. 1 feminine dealer is introduced previous to KGB thoughts Vassiliev (Eric Godon). He informs her that he wants her to ship a message for her superiors. 5 a long time after, an organization walks right into a present market and matches Anna Poliatova (Sasha Luss), additionally a beautiful vendor of China dolls. He invitations her to show right into a design, and though reluctant at first, he joins him. Anna is drawn to Paris to shoot modeling gigs, by which she meets an extra model, known as Maud (Lera Abova). The 2 begin a relationship which spans two weeks, up until Oleg admits to her that he is an arms dealer. After acquiring the data she needs, Anna goes to the restroom, eliminates a cable, after which comes straight out to take Oleg lifeless.Three years earlier than, we discover that Anna was residing together with her boyfriend Piotr (Alexander Petrov). After going to pickup markets, Piotr brings as much as choose up Anna, along with a lady and two different guys. They drive round city until they cease at an ATM and pull a American vacationer. They induce the man to provide his PIN quantity to rob himbut the regional police seem and begin to shoot. Amongst Piotr’s buddies expires, and Anna yells the lady unconscious. Piotr pulls out the girl whereas he and his buddy escape Anna. They evade regulation enforcement till a automobile crashes . Piotr’s buddy is lifeless, nonetheless, he and Anna escape. He gives her a chance to mix the KGB and ultimately change into a model new man, with all of the assure of freedom after 5 a long time. She’s reluctant however lastly agrees. She’s lastly let go. She doesn’t have any confidence in Anna’s skills as a dealer, however in Alex’s behest, Olga decides to supply her a chance.Anna’s mission can be to get the phone of her objective in only a five-minute interval vary. She reaches a restaurant and tries to take the objective, however she discovers her rifle isn’t loaded. The objective’s thugs begin to assault Anna, nonetheless, she improvises and finds out creative and barbarous strategies to kill themranging from neck-snaps to bullets from the thoughts. After she receives the phone, she discovers Olga and Alex had deserted as a result of she took greater than 5 minutes. Anna yields 5 hours after the phone, to Olga’s indifference. She’s subsequently given a spot to remain, and he or she’s later found from the recruiter. We then observe your complete strike challenge out of Olga’s view.Anna approaches Vassiliev utilizing a request to depart the KGB. He reacts by taking a gun out and saying that there’s simply 1 method outdoors earlier than pointing it in her. She understands she’s made to remain, and that she turns down his deal to play Chess.Anna continues to carry out modeling on either side while on the identical time taking up strike endeavors. In between, she lives with Maud as grandparents, however can be in a affair with Alex. Following one job the place she’s ordered to convey her again objective’s finger, Anna tearfully asks Olga to get a relaxation. She allows her to take off every week, and that she goes on vacation with Maud.All through a distinct challenge, Anna is taken from the CIA. No matter her disguises, she’s acknowledged by Leonard due to the best way she conveys her purse. He maintains her away out by ordering to kill Vassiliev, after which, she’ll get full safety and likewise be permitted to flee to Hawaii. Leonard afterwards tells Anna in regards to the botched project along with his representatives and the best way Vassiliev had them murdered.Anna units a Chess match with Vassiliev, whereupon she pulls him within the head going through Alex. Anna subdues him and manages to face outdoors till the alarm goes off to alarm everyone. She subsequently manages to wrestle her method over lots of guards earlier than starting.Anna afterwards arranges a gathering involving Alex and Leonard, by which she yells each of those to point out she had been working collectively. She describes herself and leaves it clear she’s finished with the 2 of those. Earlier than seemingly capturing her deceased. KGB and CIA representatives possess each different cornered from the playground.A flashback exhibits that Olga found about Anna’s technique to kill Vassiliev. She understands that Anna wish to change into free, and likewise Vassiliev from their method, Olga can develop to be the brand new coronary heart of the KGB. She supplies Anna her acceptance. The strike was a arrange, and Anna was capable of get a way to flee a sewer earlier than showing a free lady.A while afterwards, Olga, at present snug in her new place, receives a film from Anna. She tells her perceive she has a list of the final dialog, so when she thinks of making an attempt to twist together with her, Anna will move into the KGB.

Duration: 119 min


IMDb: 6.6